Welcome to Vishal Sampurna Arogya Sanstha

The Complete Health Solution.

VSAS Is a registered society, registered under the society registration act of 1860 bearing registration no: Maharashtra F-0045597(PUN) Dated on 17December, 2014 with Registered address: Vishal Sampurna Arogya Sanstha, Jaishree Gurav Niwas, Morya Colony No: 12, Landmark: Golden Bakery, Sane Chowk, More Wasti, Chikhali, Tal: Haveli, Dist : Pune, Maharastra-411062. India.

VSAS is a great place for those who are in search of the ancient practice and true essence of yoga, meditation, health, peace and learning the art of creating a class to teach safely. We are passionate about adjustments and mainly focus on the alignment of the asanas.



VSAS solves the problem of transparency with joyful simplicity. Giving many more donors the confidence to come forward and support the cause and paving the way for nothing short of a ‘Social Revolution’.


  • Development of prevention & Cost effective health system of Naturopathy and Yoga.

  • Ideal village project with emphasis on literacy.

  • Skill and Personality Development of Youth.


Naukasan (Boat Pose)

Aids in stress relief. Improves confidence. Strengthens the abdominal muscles. It helps in regulating blood flow at sugar level.


Relieve Stress and Anxiety. Renew Energy and Spirit. Achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state. It enhances self-awareness.

Purna Bhujangasana

Improves the digestion & helpful in relieving epigastric pain. It is highly beneficial in curing all spine related problems. Tones the buttocks.

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Opens the chest & increases the oxygen supply to the lungs. Beneficial for slipped disc patient. Releases stiffness of hip joints. Tones nerves & spine.

Purna Ushtrasan

Poses like Camel that increase circulation also detox the body while increasing blood flow to your face to create a beautiful complexion. Improves spinal flexibility.

Vrischikasana (Scorpion Pose)

Improves the blood flow to the brain and pituitary gland. Revitalizes all body systems. Arrests the physical aging process.